One thought on “DebunkingEconomics2ndEdition2011”

  1. I sent this reply by email from your recent request to test the site. Not sure if those general email addresses reject incoming mail so I have repeated my comments here.


    I’ve tested this out and it works OK. Strangely the 33 page pdf took longer to process into the browser than the full book but I downloaded the shorter one first. This might be a browser issue of course and related to caching. Download from the browser version into windows 10 was rapid so no interference caused for the on-device virus scanning software.

    There was a delay after pressing the Allow button on the landing page which I assume invoked the plugin but it did take me to the site without any issues about authentication. If this can’t be made “instant” I’d suggest that there is a timer put on with the usual “please wait while we log you in to Patreon” for example.

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